The Haiku Cyber Range is an engaging platform for building and testing the cybersecurity skills of individuals and teams. As a scalable solution, organizational needs and goals ranging from official hackathons to student or employee training are met through the experience of captivating, real-world scenarios.

Success Stories:

The United States government has held several week-long hackathons, domestically and internationally, to test and train over 100 key personnel in defensive and forensic environments within the Haiku Cyber Range.

Through participation in the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge, hundreds of students have accessed the Haiku Cyber Range to develop their defensive cybersecurity skills.

Universities and local cyber clubs have used the range in their classrooms to educate and train their students and members on cybersecurity skills.

To learn more about how you can implement the Haiku Cyber Range into your event or curriculum, email us at Info@HaikuRange.com