Learn the basics of offensive and defensive cybersecurity as well as more advanced techniques from world-class professionals.


Haiku Cyber Range Walkthrough

Cyber Cup Challenge participants: Watch this video to learn about the tools and machines you'll have access to within the Haiku Cyber Range when participating in the challenge.

How to Add Linux Users

Add and remove users in the Linux environment within the Haiku Cyber Range.

How to Add Windows Users

Add and remove users in the Windows environment within the Haiku Cyber Range.

Su and Sudo Commands
in Linux

The difference between Su and Sudo Linux command functions and how they affect a user's privileges.

Intro to Metasploit Part I
Discovering Hosts

Run a simple scan of your environment on Metasploit to keep a database of the assets scanned.

Intro to Metasploit Part II

Run a scan to get more information on hosts, services, and vulnerabilities.

Intro to Metasploit III
Exploiting Vulnerabilities

Exploit a vulnerability and gain access to the remote host.

How to Find Ports
with Netstat

Troubleshoot host-to-host communication by identifying currently listening ports and connections on a machine.

Linux Command Line Basics
Part 1

Navigate directories and view files in Linux through the command line interface.

Configuring Windows

Configure windows firewall settings to troubleshoot connectivity and deny/allow certain ports, protocols, and applications.

Finding Vulnerable Web
Applications with Zap

Using ZAP - A pentest tool that helps you identify weakness in web apps and allow you to exploit a web application.