World of Haiku

The Haiku Cyber Range is a safe, virtual, closed and scalable cloud-based environment for training cybersecurity professionals, future white hat hackers and can be utilized for the testing of products against simulated attacks.

This environment is designed by hackers, for hackers and is the cybersecurity equivalent of a flight simulator: users of all levels can develop real-world skills.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with accessible hands-on experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Have you wanted to enter the cybersecurity field but didn’t know how to start? That’s why we created the Haiku Cyber Range.

Experience different scenarios such as defending your organization against an onslaught of hackers or attempting to break/penetrate your own network. Our simulated systems will include simulated corporate, industrial, government and critical infrastructure networks.

Individuals as well as teams and organizations can all benefit from the Haiku Cyber Range.


What is a cyber range? A cyber range is a safe, virtual environment for honing and developing cybersecurity skills. Our Haiku Cyber Range provides users with the opportunity to hack into or defend realistic simulated systems to understand their systems' weaknesses as well as grow as a white hat hacker or network defender.

How it Works

The Haiku Cyber Range team develops the virtual network/environment and machines of your choice which can be used to test and showcase the strength of your product, as well as to verify the security of other products.

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